DAILY 3 Bottle Refill (International)

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81 Servings


The essential encapsulated blend that brings it all together. Meticulously sourced, DAILY is a highly curated blend of Earth's most beneficial wholefoods.

Wholefood Support for:

  • Immune Strength
  • Balanced Energy
  • Anti-Aging*

Unlike most supplements with isolated or synthetic substances, DAILY gives you access to uniquely potent organic superfoods from around the globe and makes it easy to incorporate them into your lifestyle. Our bodies know what to do with food. Empower yours with superior fuel and experience the benefits.


The Cumulative Benefits of STAMBA DAILY Immune+


Digestion & Metabolism

Prebiotic roots, full-spectrum plant enzymes and fiber support healthy digestion,elimination and metabolism.*

Energy & Mood

Adaptogens, cacao and rainforest berries support energy and mood, as well as recovery after physical exertion.*

Immune Strength

Camu camu, full-spectrum plant enzymes and antioxidants, and medicinal mushrooms support immune balance and internal defense factors.*


Fresh-milled maca root, cordyceps and raw cacao support hormonal balance, and healthy stress response.*

Anti-Aging & Protective Wellness

The steady and continued infusion of marine algae, cacao, medicinal mushrooms and salutary fruits and spices help combat damage from oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, which helps slow the negative effects of aging while nurturing skin health and enduring protective wellness.*
Powders Ingredients

Science Spotlight on Camu Camu

"These findings suggest that camu-camu seed is a potentially useful material as a source of betulinic acid and as a functional food for prevention of immune-related diseases.”

- Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Seeds of the Tropical Fruit Camu-Camu (Myrciaria dubia)


"They source everything directly from regions that have high standards for sustainability and fair-trade practices, which results in a superior product."



1 serving (4 capsules) per day is recommended, preferably prior to, or between meals. You may find that more than 1 serving suits your body's needs: each capsule contains raw whole-foods and there is no risk in increasing your number of capsules, as desired.

Most people share that they experience improved digestion, immune strength and energetic vitality when taking DAILY. In addition, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of superfoods like TetraSOD algae, chaga, reishi, maqui, acai, mangosteen, camu-camu, cacao and turmeric also help mitigate the damaging effects that toxins, free radicals and inflammation have on the body. This can also be termed “anti-aging” with benefits ranging from mental acuity to clearer skin being the visible reflections. We see the STAMBA line as nature’s antidote to help combat the negative effects of the stresses of modern living.

We recommend taking DAILY prior to or with meals or snacks to introduce the digestive enzymes, pre-biotic and digestive enhancing ingredients prior or during food intake. However, there is no detrimental effect in taking STAMBA with or after meals or snacks.

Multivitamins are formulated to offer a portion or entirety of the government’s recommended daily allowance (RDA) of specific vitamins. Most multivitamins are composed of synthetic reproductions of nutrients found in wholefood sources. DAILY is a rich source of a plethora of vitamins in their wholefood form with all of the nutrient co-factors (other good stuff in the plant) that make the vitamins recognizable and assimilable by your body.

Yet, STAMBA is not predicated on the notion that simply consuming the RDA of vitamins is what one should seek in nutritional supplementation. DAILY provides a broad spectrum of nutritionally dense whole foods that offer benefits that far exceed what a multivitamin can provide. These nutrients have names that might not be household as of yet, but should be: anthocyanins, polyphenols, flavonoids, xanthones, beta glucans, polysaccharides, caretenoids, curcuminoids, gingerols, etc. DAILY nurtures a holistic approach to wellness where tangible results and lasting health benefits are experienced organically through incorporating the pure power of nature into your daily health regimen.

DAILY is formulated for daily use. We do recommend daily continuous use to maximize the beneficial nutritional contributions to your body. We believe that the continual incorporation of a complexity of nature’s nutritional bounty into your diet is reflected in the experience of vitality and lasting well-being.