Only Earth’s most beneficial, nutrient-dense whole foods. Learn more about our globally-sourced superstars below and experience their benefits through our line.

camu camu powder
Camu Camu →

Vitamin C powerhouse for immune balance, mood, and respiratory health.*

ginger powder

Ginger →

Dynamic antimicrobial for digestive, innate immune, and microbiome health*

chaga powder

Chaga →

Adaptive defense ally for immune response, anti-aging and protective wellness.*

black currant powder

Black Currant →

Versatile activator for immune health, cardiovascular health and anti-aging.*

maca powder

Maca →

Adaptogenic power root for stamina, sexual vitality and stress response.*

cacao powder

Cacao →

Antioxidant-rich booster for cognitive function, mood and skin health.*

green papaya powder

Green Papaya →

Nutrient-dense team player for digestion, circulatory and sexual health.*

maqui powder

Maqui →

Anthocyanin-rich catalyst for sustained energy, skin health and anti-aging.*

No synthetics. No isolates.


To say that we are obsessed with sourcing the best Earth has to offer is putting it mildly.

With respect and appreciation, we partner with farms and organizations committed to quality, sustainability and fair-trade practices. We source from pristine and native growing environments where our ingredients have been grown traditionally for generations, and select controlled environments that ensure select ingredient purity and safety.

We choose not to source any ingredients from China due to questionable quality assurance standards and agricultural business practices perpetuated by many companies in the nation.

After sourcing, we preserve the life force and nutritional integrity of our ingredients by maintaining their raw state through freeze-drying or cold processing. As such, they retain their vital beneficial properties in a form that is easy to assimilate, integrate, and utilize by your body.


Each STAMBA ingredient delivers powerful benefits. Together, they're even stronger.


Marine algae, cacao, and salutary fruits and spices support cell vitality, mental acuity, and reduced oxidative stress and inflammation.*

Immune Strength

Camu camu, plant enzymes and medicinal mushrooms support immune strength and internal defense factors.*

Sexual Vitality

Fresh-milled maca root, cordyceps and raw cacao support hormonal balance, libido and sexual health and function.*

Energy & Mood

Adaptogens, cacao and rainforest berries help sustain vital energy and mood when facing stress as well as recovery after physical exertion.*


Prebiotic roots, liquid probiotics, full-spectrum plant enzymes and fiber support healthy digestion, elimination and nutrient assimilation.*


Quality, safety, and transparency are the pillars of our manufacturing practices and production facilities.

There is currently a great deal of attention being brought to questionable practices in the dietary supplement industry. We see this as a vital aspect of protecting consumers and ensuring their safety. At STAMBA, we champion third-party verification and transparency in all aspects of our industry-leading commitment to quality and manufacturing integrity. And we invite you to see what we do to ensure the quality, integrity and safety of every ingredient in our products.

Our certified organic, freeze-dried Camu Camu is a star in many of our blends. Explore below to see the Certificate of Analysis from our supplier, as well as Ingredient Identity Verification, Heavy Metal Testing, and Microbial Analysis performed by third-party agencies after receipt in our facilities. This quality assurance is done for every ingredient in our blends and is a reflection of how we go above and beyond FDA and cGMP requirements to ensure the best for you.

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