How We Do It

We start with our curated selection of the most beneficial ingredients on Earth. Then we make it easy and convenient to incorporate their full nutritional power into your lifestyle. How we do we deliver so much goodness in every STAMBA product? It is an art, a science, and always a labor of love.


Each STAMBA ingredient delivers powerful benefits. Together, they're even stronger.


Marine algae, probiotics and salutary fruits and spices support cell vitality, skin health, mental acuity, and reduced oxidative stress and inflammation.*

Immune Strength

Camu camu, probiotics, plant enzymes and medicinal mushrooms support immune strength and internal defense factors.*


Fresh-milled maca root, cordyceps and raw cacao support hormonal balance and stress response.*

Energy & Mood

Adaptogens, cacao and rainforest berries help sustain energy and mood as well as recovery after physical exertion.*


Prebiotic roots, liquid probiotics, full-spectrum plant enzymes and fiber support healthy digestion, elimination and nutrient assimilation.*

Powders on a wooden plate

Benefits of STAMBA’s wholefood powders:

  • Ability to consume beneficial parts of a food that are not normally eaten (e.g. fruit rinds and seeds).
    • Ability to incorporate highly-beneficial foods from distant parts of the world that are inaccessible in your daily diet.
      • Concentrated nutrition: 7-12 pounds of our prized whole foods become 1 pound of potent, nutrient-rich powder through freeze-drying and cold processing.
        • Ability to combine different foods that can’t normally be eaten together and increase benefits through wholefood synergy.
          • Convenience and ease of integration into your diet and lifestyle.

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