Here for You

Nurses at the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia holding DAILY Refills

Here for You

STAMBA exists to support everyone in living more balanced, joyous, and fulfilling lives. Right now, living that commitment  means more to us than ever. In the midst of the uncertainty that we are all facing together, our focus remains on what’s essential and nourishing, on caring for our families, and on each other so we can continue to bring benefits to others.

When our bodies and hearts need extra support, we want to share how STAMBA can help. Our products contain time-tested, nutrient dense whole-food ingredients that have been scientifically validated to help support healthy immune function, energy levels and overall wellness.* These include our Camu Camu with unparalleled levels of vitamin C, our Chaga mushroom shown to help activate your body’s natural defenses, and adaptogenic Cordyceps mushroom and Maca root to support empowered stress response.*

We have been honored to be supporting frontline healthcare professionals giving their all when needed most. To the left, STAMBA is powering up the Rhoads 6 COVID Unit at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Thank you for all that you do!

Beginning immediately, to pay it forward to all our cherished customers, we are offering: 

  • Free shipping on all US orders.

  • Free 50ml-size bottle of REPLENISH liquid probiotics with purchase of DAILY bottle.
  • For new and existing DAILY refill pack subscribers, we are offering a complimentary 100ml-size bottle of our REPLENISH liquid probiotics.

Reach out to us anytime at We are here for you, we are here with you. 

Sending our warmest regards to you and yours,