Blend 1 tablespoon (or more if desired) with your favorite milk, water, yoghurt or add directly to smoothies. Ideal prior to and/or following workouts. For additional protein, blend PERFORM with nut butters or serve with yogurt. Visit our Instagram feed for favorite PERFORM recipes!

PERFORM provides a plethora of certified organic true superfoods that work synergistically to nourish your body's key vital systems. It is not a protein powder or significant source of protein. For a powerhouse protein and PERFORM combination, simply blend with soy or nut milk, and add nut butter to your smoothie. Or try PERFORM with yogurt for a great power meal or snack. If you have a protein powder that you love, add PERFORM to unlock a host of beneits that your protein powder alone simply can't provide.

Greens powders are exactly that: a powder from one or more sources of green foods. In taking powdered greens, you are gaining benefit from the specific ingredients in the powder (ranging of course based on their quality and drying processes). In PERFORM, you experience benefit from certified organic adaptogenic roots, medicinal mushrooms, rainforest berries and tropical fruits – all working in harmony with one another to expand their beneficial impact in your life performance. Greens on their own have select benefits for specific aspects of well-being. These benefits differ in scope and cannot be compared "apples to apples" to the complexity of beneficial activity found in PERFORM.