One of the most comprehensively studied and validated antioxidant food sources on Earth, our heirloom Trinitarian Cacao is cold processed to preserve its precious and delicate phytonutrient activity. Powerfully supportive of mood, cognitive function, and skin health, our raw Cacao is also abundant in magnesium and healthy fats, serving as an excellent stress-response agent and catalyst for synergistic activity in our blends.*

Certified Organic

Dominican Republic



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Cacao flavonoids correlate with stimulation of dopamine and serotonin levels in our brains leading to the famed "bliss effect" we often associate with chocolate!

Mood Support - Cognitive Function - Skin Health


Scientific Reviews & Studies

“… Cacao flavonoids exert a multiplicity of neuroprotective actions, including the capacity to protect neurons from damage induced by neurotoxins, reduce neuroinflammation, and promote memory, learning and cognitive function.”

- The Neuroprotective Effects of Cocoa Flavanol and Its Influence on Cognitive Performance

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“Pertaining to skin health, cocoa components have been utilized in diseases, such as skin cancer, psoriasis, acne and wound healing. It is noteworthy that is has been shown that cocoa has great potential not only for the treatments of skin diseases, but also for their prevention. In particular, antioxidants found in cocoa protect the skin from the inside by neutralizing oxidative stress, a major factor of dermal structure deterioration and premature skin aging”

- Cocoa Bioactive Compounds: Significance and Potential for the Maintenance of Skin Health

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“Antioxidant effects of cocoa may directly influence insulin resistance and, in turn, reduce risk for diabetes. Further, cocoa consumption may stimulate changes in redox-sensitive signaling pathways involved in gene expression and the immune response. Cocoa can protect nerves from injury and inflammation, protect the skin from oxidative damage from UV radiation in topical preparations, and have beneficial effects on satiety, cognitive function, and mood.”

- Cocoa and Chocolate in Human Health and Disease

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