INGREDIENT - Black Currant

Black Currant


Ridiculously nutrient dense, our black currants boast high concentrations of vitamin c and beneficial anthocyanin content more than double that of blueberries. From potent immune support to cardiovascular and cognitive health to endurance and performance support, these powerful purple berries pack a serious punch.*

Immune Support
Certified Organic

New Zealand



Black Currant Powder
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Competitive cyclists in New Zealand utilize Black Currant powder to boost immunity, and improve performance and recovery.

Immune Strength - Recovery - Protective Health


Scientific Reviews & Studies

“...Foods and supplements high in anthocyanins are gaining popularity within sports nutrition. Anthocyanins are pigments within berries and other colorful fruits and vegetables. They have antioxidative and anti-inflammatory actions that improve recovery from exercise. For example, exercise performance effects have been observed for blackcurrant…”

- Dietary Anthocyanins: A Review of the Exercise Performance Effects and Related Physiological Responses

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“...Anthocyanins are a group of abundant and widely consumed flavonoid constituents that occur ubiquitously in the plant kingdom, providing the bright red-orange to blue-violet colors.. Epidemiological studies suggest that increased consumption of anthocyanins lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), the most common cause of mortality among men and women. ”

- Anthocyanins in Cardiovascular Disease

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“This double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study investigated the effect of blackcurrant anthocyanin (BCA) intake on peripheral circulation… and it also assessed improvement in shoulder stiffness caused by poor local circulation. The results of this study suggest that intake of BCA (Blackcurrant Anthocyanin) may improve shoulder stiffness caused by typing work by increasing peripheral blood flow and reducing muscle fatigue.”

- Effects of Blackcurrant Anthocyanin Intake on Peripheral Muscle Circulation During Typing Work in Humans.

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