True Superfood Synergy

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by Asa Siegel

At STAMBA, we believe strongly in the role of science in advancing human nutrition. We see its primary value in validating and furthering the efficacy of Nature's bounty as opposed to modifying, or synthetically re-fabricating it.

The concept of food synergy, while new to science, is not new to humanity. The basic premise that, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is one that we have been adhering to as long as we have been consuming food from Nature. Eating an apple, for instance, is not the same as consuming isolated components found in apples, separately. Rather, the totality of valuable components in the apple work together with one another (and our digestive system when consumed) to deliver the health benefits that the apple has to offer to us. Isolated nutrients usually cannot be assimilated without the help of other symbiotic or supporting nutrients. It’s the synergistic effect of many different nutrients in balance that benefits assimilation and integration of the beneficial components found in whole foods.

Food synergy also takes place when multiple whole-foods are combined. 

This action commonly creates a sensorial experience in the culinary arts: the flavor and texture combinations found in a great dish transcend a simple assemblage of disparate parts, they create something uniquely great by working in unison (think mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy and cranberry sauce!).

Today, food science is beginning to explore food synergy with greater respect for its therapeutic benefits. If we take the culinary analogy and make it literal, we start to get a sense of the serious health benefits that can be found through food synergy, as the following study alludes to:

“Ninfali et al. reported that when marjoram is added to salad it can increase the antioxidant capacity of the dish by 200%, taking our appreciation of the interactions of biochemicals [phytonutrients] in food to another, and perhaps more fundamental, level. This might explain, in part, the apparent superior effects of certain cuisines and cultural dishes that involve combinations of foods, in particular herbs and spices.”

- Food, Not Nutrients, Is the Fundamental Unit in Nutrition

Let’s explore an example of food synergy that translates from the culinary realm to the world of whole-food supplemention. Modern research shows that to fully assimilate the beneficial curcuminoids found in turmeric, two other components are necessary: a spicy or piquant food and the presence of fat, as curcuminoids are fat-soluble. In traditional cultural use in India, turmeric is often served with warm milk and some chili pepper to make a drink. Thus, the blend of the fats in the milk and the spice of the chili pepper help our bodies absorb, assimilate and benefit from the anti-inflammatory strengths from the variety of curcuminoids found in whole turmeric (isn’t it just wonderful when modern science validates the innate wisdom of traditional medicinal uses of true superfoods!).

In the STAMBA DAILY Superfood Blend, we begin with raw, organic freeze-dried turmeric from the North Shore of Kauai and then provide it’s spicy complement with ginger (from the same Kauaian farm!) and the healthy fats are found in our raw organic cacao and acai berries.

We believe that food synergy is at the heart of human wellbeing

...and are committed to furthering this vital exploration through investing in the study of the benefits of Earth's most prized whole foods working synergistically with one another for preventive and curative effect. We call this focus True Superfood Synergy; showing how integrated whole-food nutrition significantly improves the quality and longevity of our life.

Our certified organic whole-food product line always reflects the latest breakthroughs and discoveries gleaned from our work. You can depend on us to bring you our best, in support of bringing forth your best.