At the age of 22, I found myself in an unexpected situation.

Some nagging health issues had snowballed into a pretty depressing reality. I had continual digestive issues, lethargic energy levels, and painful, (very) painful prostate issues.
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Research and personal trial and error has taught me that one of the best things I can do for my body and mind is to honor it with a sound foundation. One of the pillars of this foundation is whole foods.
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I’ve always been drawn to wellness practices, but it wasn’t until I spent the last few years desperately seeking a way to manage my health issues, that I truly understood…
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What does it mean to be “NUTRIENT-RICH” or “ESPECIALLY BENEFICIAL”? We need to get more specific...

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Are there occasions when a powdered form of a cherished organic whole food is superior to what is eaten as harvested?
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If you are invested in the ‘wellness scene,’ then chances are you’ve heard the word ‘adaptogen’ thrown around quite a bit. Adaptogens help the body resist stress…
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At STAMBA, we believe strongly in the role of science in advancing human nutrition. We see its primary value in validating and furthering the efficacy of Nature's bounty as opposed to modifying, or synthetically re-fabricating it.
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